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Trampoline Tricks

Beginner Tricks

Beginner Tricks
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Here are all the Begginer tricks I could think of if you know of any more feel free to email me at


1.  180 and 360
To do the 180 all you have to do is spin around until you are facing opposite from your starting point.
A 360 is when you spin all the way around until you are facing your starting point.
2.  Clean Sweep (knee 360)
To do a Clean Sweep all you have to do is bounce land on your knees then spin all the way around and back to your starting point.
3.  Super Man (belly buster)
To do a Super Man jump foward and land on your stomach.  If your arms keep naturally blocking your fall then stick them in your pockets and just fall foward but be careful you could get the wind knocked out of you.
4.  Back Buster
To do a Back Buster fall backwards and land on your back don't pull your head upward or you could get whiplash just keep your head strait don't tense it up either.
5.  Donkey Kick
To do a Donkey Kick start out with a jump then land on your knees and bounce up then put your hands out in front of you and kick your legs in the air.
6.  Double Bounce*
To do a Double Bounce one person bounces really high then the other bounces exactly when the first person hits the ground and he should go twice the height he would normally go.
7.  Cartwheel
To do a Cartwheel just do a cart wheel except bounce at first.

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