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Trampoline Tricks

Intermediate Tricks

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Intermediate Tricks
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Here are all the Intermediate tricks I could think of if you know of any more feel free to email me at

1. Front Flip
To do a Front Flip start bouncing until you think you are high enough then start out doing a Super Man and throw your hands under you and pull your knees towards your stomach and you should flip foward then at the very end straiten your legs and land it.
2. Midget Flip (Knee Flip)
To do a Midget Flip bounce high enough then land on your knees and push your head foward and follow through with the rest of your body you don't have to land it because it is so hard i've tried a lot.
3.  Back Backflip
To do a Back Backflip start out with a Back Buster (see beginner tricks) then while in the air push your head back and follow through with all of your body and you should have done it.  It looks kind of like the matrix if you do it right.
4.  Side Flip
To do a Side Flip first you have to master the Cartwheel then when your ready start your Cartwheel out and pull your hands inward and you should land it.

5.  180 FX Flip
Start out with a flip and while in the air spin around then land it.  This looks especially cool if done really fast.
6.  Handspring
To do a Handspring start with a flip while in the air stick out your hands and push off the ground for an extra boost.  This trick is really easy to land since you have a boost.
7.  Midget Handspring
To do a Midget Handspring jump high then  bounce on your knees and flip foward then stick out your hands and push to get the boost then land it.

Midget Handspring

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